Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Westboro Store Opens For Inactive Residents

Westboro- A new business opened its doors for the first time this weekend catering to the many inactive Westboro residents who have felt ignored in the past. Contrary to the flurry of active living lifestyle stores that continue to flourish in the neighbourhood, “Lethargic Equipment Co-Op” will offer sloth-like residents the chance to purchase equipment and accessories that will assist in fulfilling their sluggish, sedentary lifestyle.

General Manager of LEC, Gary Lubner, is excited to offer inactive Westboro residents the chance to purchase a variety of products such as reclining chairs, big screen televisions, video games, new release videos and the area’s largest selection of remote controls. “We felt that there was a gap in this market that needed to be filled.” explained Lubner. “With all these healthy, active living shops in the neighbourhood, many lazy, slovenly residents were being left out.” In addition to the many inactive lifestyle products, LEC will also offer customers a wide range of food and beverage items that include, soda, chips, pizza, and a vast selection microwaveable foods. “We don’t have anything organic, fair trade, or healthy here.” Lubner remarked. “If someone wants a double mocha latte or flaxseed muffin, they can go down the street.”

Lethargic Equipment Co-Op is located in the heart of Westboro village at 1101 Richmond Road, and is open 1pm to 1am for those that like to sleep in and stay up late doing nothing.

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  1. You made a good portion of our office laugh today, thanks.