Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Somebody Dealing Like Dilawri: Reports

Ottawa - Well-known Ottawa automotive retailer, Dilawri, whose ads are synonymous with getting a great deal, recently faced reports that somebody is dealing like them. With their reputation and gentle voiced ad campaign stating that "Nobody Deals Like Dilawri", President and CEO of the Dilawri Group, Greg Nolan, is concerned about the recent reports of somebody else dealing in a similar manner. "We thought we could always be confident that nobody deals like Dilawri, but now we are hearing reports somebody else in town has similar deals." stated Nolan.

Current ad campaigns on almost every Ottawa radio station claim that the dealing of car sales is pretty much a unique experience at Dilawri. The radio ads use a delightful, soft spoken female voice that informs listeners of the unique deals at Dilawri with a memorable "Nobody Deals Like Dilawri" tagline. 

The unsubstantiated reports of somebody else dealing like Dilawri has a lot of Ottawa residents scrambling to find the source of these other automotive deals in the city. Speculation has the car deals like Dilawri being offered at nearby competitor Tony Graham, who have been trying to match the deals of Dilawri for quite sometime with their own unique radio jingle. 

Dilawri hopes to continue offering competitive deals in automotive sales, and figures the reports of somebody dealing like them are just a competitive rumour. "We here at Dilawri are still offering deals like no one else, and even if somebody is dealing like us, we can match or better that deal." exclaimed Nolan who is in the process of adjusting the current radio ad jingle to "Nobody Feels Like Dilawri" in case the reports are found to be true. 

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