Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heatwave Prompts Area Man To Remove Shirt, Wear Socks With Sandals

Ottawa - Local Ottawa resident Tim Harborn, 48, is dealing with the recent heatwave by removing his shirt, and switching to the cooling comfort of white socks and sandals. Hoping to create an upper torso cool down, Harborn is confident the removal of his shirt will reduce his body temperature to a more comfortable level. The unemployed, single father of two says the shirt removal was necessary to allow his white socks and sandals ensemble to remain intact. "With the socks and sandals, it gets pretty hot, so the shirt had to come off." Harborn explains. "I now can enjoy a walk down busy main streets of the city with my shirt off and my feet will be comfortable." remarked Harborn who likes to saunter around with his shirt off on the busy streets of downtown Ottawa.

With the summer solstice and its long hours of sunshine occurring today, Harborn is planning to beat the heat by strolling shirtless down Bank St., maybe stopping for smoke outside the laundromat, and chatting with his buddy, Dwayne, who will also be shirtless, but opts for the more traditional cut-off jean-short look. "Dwayne and me will probably walk down to the Subway, but we'll have to carry our shirts for when we go in, cause they won't let us in if we got no shirt on" says Harborn.

The recent heatwave in the region has also forced area seniors to adopt black knee-high socks with sandals and polyester shorts pulled up to their upper abdomen. Health officials also advise seeking air-conditioning in addition to the socks and sandals, with many area shopping malls offering cooling relief from the heat.  

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