Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Police Sketch Artist Might Be Losing It With Recent 'Ziggy' Sketches

A somewhat poor suspect sketch by Police Sketch Artist Dwayne Hudson
Ottawa - After years of sketching countless criminals and courtrooms, Ottawa Police Services could relieve their police sketch artist    Dwayne Hudson of his duties after a Police Board review found his recent sketch skill levels to be of poor quality. Slipping further into an odd display of sketching only Ziggy-like characters, Hudson, 38, has been off the mark when it comes to trying to identify potential criminals in the Ottawa area. Using first person accounts and descriptions of potential suspects, Hudson has managed to make every suspect look like Ziggy in all of his police sketches. A popular comic strip character from the 1970s, Ziggy is the subject of Hudson's recent sketches for reasons unknown.

Other sketches of suspects have looked like the frazzled "Cathy" comic strip character, and sometimes even a combination of Ziggy and Cathy. Other sketches by Hudson depict bizarre, poorly executed sketches that resemble odd characters from his imagination, with little or no resemblance to the suspect at large. "We don't know what's happened with Dwayne, his sketches were starting to get worse and worse, but now they just all look like Ziggy." commented Ottawa Police Chief Bordeleau, who praised Hudson's previous sketch work, but now thinks his art is entering a 'dark period'.

Hudson, a graduate of Queen's University Fine Arts Program, has been the official sketch artist with the Ottawa Police since 1994, but colleagues believe his skills are beginning to wane after drawing thousands of countless suspects. "He's losing it, which is too bad because he used to be really good," said Constable Greenberg, a friend of Hudson. "I feel for the guy, but its hard to track suspects when the sketches we have to go on all look like Ziggy." Greenberg remarked.

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