Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chinese Couple Adopt Caucasian Baby

Chongqing - A happy Chinese couple celebrated the arrival of their newly adopted Caucasian baby boy earlier today after a lengthy adoption process trying to bring the baby from North America.  Cheng-Li, 28, and Xi-Ping, 38, welcomed the blue-eyed, blonde toddler into their home just outside the bustling city of Chongqing where they will finally be able to raise their son after an 18 month legal and immigration process. "We just want to start enjoying our little Tyler." said Cheng-Li, who spent 24 hrs on a flight from Los Angeles to bring their new boy home. Tyler, aged 10 months, was adopted from an orphanage in Orange County where unwanted babies are given to the state for an international adoption program. "Now we can finally begin being parents and have Tyler sleep in our home where we will begin his math and spelling tutoring." an emotional Xi-Ping replied through translators when asked about upcoming plans for their new baby.

Many North American Caucasian babies are now finding homes with newly wealthy young Chinese couples who may have trouble conceiving a child of their own. These new Chinese adoptive parents opt for the novelty of a North American Caucasian baby that resembles the children of popular Hollywood and television programs. Adopt-a-Cauc, a Los Angeles based adoption agency has seen an increase in demand for caucasian babies since opening last year, with over 3,000 placements to Chinese parents in 2011 alone. "We are seeing a demand for blue-eyed blonde babies, a demand we are trying to keep up with." says Adopt-a-Cauc Senior Manager Sue Ribbons explained. "They want a baby that will grow up to be a movie-star." Ribbons remarked.

Tyler will soon have his name changed to Yongzhu, to better fit in with his Chinese counterparts and culture, but for now baby Tyler seems quite content chewing on ginseng root while playing with his new parents.

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