Monday, May 14, 2012

Finally Girls Get Huge Sunglasses That Cover Entire Face

 Ottawa - Girls throughout the Ottawa region were excited to learn that they will now be able to have huge sunglasses that will cover their entire facial region. Previous sunglasses were only big enough to cover the upper eyebrow and cheek areas, but with the new "FaceShades" from CHANEL, ladies will now be able to envelope their entire face with giant sunglasses.

Working closely with renowned sunglasses researcher Helmut Schmidt, CHANEL was able to engineer the highly sought after sunglasses that will cover the whole face, bringing joy to millions of ladies who want their sunglasses even bigger than before. "I'm so excited that I'll now be able to cover my whole face with these new glasses!" exclaimed Ottawa resident Jenny Gorman, who previously only had sunglasses that covered 25% of her face. "These new CHANEL Face Shades are exactly what all us ladies want." Gorman declared. 

Using advanced sunglasses technology, the new FaceShades will eliminate the need for sunscreen on the face as well as providing a chic fashion statement for ladies who want bigger sunglasses than ones previously available. CHANEL engineers are also working on a new mens sunglasses design for bald men that stay permanently atop their forehead the entire summer season.  The new Faceshades from CHANEL will be vaialble exclusively through Holt Renfrew and will retail for about $300.