Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sens Play-Off Beards Affecting Gameplay

Foligno trips over his own beard during Game 5
Ottawa - The Ottawa Senators dramatic loss to the New York Rangers after Monday night's Game 6 has some people speculating the player's beards may be the root of their problem. Sporting traditional play-off beards, members of the Senators hockey team sometimes find themselves tripping over their own beards during the game, limiting their chances of scoring. Other beard related problems on the ice include impaired vision as the long beards blow in front of their eyes, stick tangling and also obstruction of movement during shots on goal. 

With beard growth varying between the players, many have shorter beards, while others have extremely long beard growth that could be causing on-ice problems, preventing the Senators from scoring. "The long beards could definitely be posing a problem with regards to our scoring chances." commented Senators Head Coach Paul MacLean who thinks the beards are hindering the the team's abilities to score. "We lost a couple scoring opportunities when Neil's beard tripped Turris in front of the net last night, but we'll have to review thew tapes." MacLean exclaimed from under his large groomed moustache.

The Ottawa Senators move to New York for Game 7 Thursday night where it is not known if the beards will be trimmed for the final game of the series. 

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