Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lego Launches New "Westboro" Themed Playsets

Westboro - Lego has announced plans to release a new line of "Westboro" themed playsets for an early Summer 2012 launch. The popular children's building brick manufacturer is using Ottawa's trendy Westboro neighbourhood as the basis for its latest themed playsets. Along with its top-selling "Star Wars", "City" and "Construct" series of themed playsets, the Westboro series will focus on well-known Westboro themes such as condos, strollers and even hipsters that frequent the area just outside the Westboro zone.

Lego Vice President of Marketing, Largo Jensaan revealed the launch of the new Westboro building sets during a press conference at Ottawa City Hall Monday evening. Calling the new line a "breakthrough in neighbourhood-centric playsets" , Jensaan calls the Westboro themed building sets a "great way for kids to recreate the neighbourhood they live in, or hope to live in someday". Lego researched the area over the course of 8 months in 2009 and developed the new themed playsets to reflect the most popular and interesting aspects of the community. "We noticed a lot of kayaks, strollers and a large number of condo developments along with an adult population that worked for the federal government." exclaimed Jensaan. "We focused our building sets to recreate that neighbourhood dynamic so kids could replicate the same sense of excitement." Lego also found that a large number of their sales were centred in the Westboro neighbourhood, further prompting them to develop a series that catered to the children who enjoy their product the most.

The new series of "Westboro" playsets includes a 28 story condo tower, a Westboro Daddy with stroller, a kayak, a federal government office cubicle, as well as a hipster from the more easterly Hintonburg neighbourhood that sports an Elmdale Tavern shirt, a scruffy beard, large rimmed glasses and a taco and microbrew in the toy figure's hand. The Westboro Lego playsets will be available at Lost Marbles in Westboro June 1, and other stores across Canada June 15th.


  1. Just found out that it's more than double the price of the same non-Westboro Lego pieces! I'll hold off until a Bayshore version comes along.

  2. Just brilliant. I left Westboro when it was just starting to boom. Sold my townhouse for almost twice what I paid for it. All of the cool, creative, working class people that made this neighbourhood great have all left to make way for the cappucino sipping condo crowd. Death to Westboro!!!

  3. THIS IS A SCAM. Guys look on the side of the boxes they show different sets. Any ways the government offices and the buildings aren't even made of legos. He might have right info about these but until they release real pictures (if they ever do) don't post anything about you idiot.