Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Box Mall Welcomes New "MileKelTana's" Restaurant To The Parking Lot

Kanata - A RioCan Big Box Mall on Eagleson Road recently welcomed Cara Foods Ltd. as they opened a new big box mall restaurant combining elements of their successful "Milestones", "Kelsey's" and "Montana's" restaurants under one roof called "MileKelTana's". The new super restaurant opened last Sunday in a corner of the parking lot next to the Best Buy and Home Sense stores with free Xtreme Munchie platters for the first 50 customers. Cara Foods Ltd. is responsible for bringing the culinary delights of fast fried, processed foods to millions of hungry suburban customers across the country and felt the time was right to open a new restaurant that combines all the elements of their popular restaurants in one location. "We really wanted to make it easy for customers to enjoy their favourite Cara Food items in one spot rather than travel from restaurant to restaurant." explained Cara Foods President Lance Vickers. "With MileKeltana's you can now enjoy a martini from Milestones, a deep fried cheese stick from Kelsey's and a processed rib platter from Montana's all in one spot." Vickers remarked.

The RioCan Mall on Eagleson Road near the new Mattamy suburban family community of "Deerwind Trails" was Vickers first choice for the new MileKeltana's location due to its concentration of bored, hungry suburban families in need of a place to drag their screaming children and dissolve their troubles away in colourful martinis and deep fried processed foods. "After a hard day of working in an office environment, commuting home on a gridlocked highway, shopping for a new end table at Home Sense, picking out a new BluRay disc at Best Buy, you want a place to relax and unwind, so that's why we opened our Milekeltana's." says Vickers who is confident the new restaurant will appeal to all members of the Kanata Deerwind Trails community. "We offer something for everyone here at MileKeltana's, from pink martini's to get desperate suburban moms hammered on a girl's night out, to a platter of indistinguishable fried foods for the football team, to chicken nuggets in the shapes of Disney characters for the kids." replied Vickers.

Located beside the bustling Best Buy and Home Sense stores in a delightful corner of the mall parking lot, patrons will enjoy a wonderful view of the polymer stucco wall of a new Winners store being built and enjoy the excitement of watching bulldozers demolish a forest of trees to make room for a new Walmart. MileKeltana's also offers group discounts for those wishing to book a family event or cost controlled office party.

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