Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man With Super Duty Crew Cab Turbo Diesel Pick-Up Truck Finds 400 Horsepower, 800lb-ft Torque Comes In Handy Picking Up Groceries

Carleton Place - A Carleton Place resident is thankful he opted to purchase the durable and reliable Super Duty Crew Cab Turbo Diesel with its impressive 400hp/800lb-ft torque after having to pick up both groceries AND a case of beer last Tuesday night. Daryl Cummins, 32, recently purchased his heavy duty vehicle after realizing he might need it to haul loads from in town to their 3 bedroom home 4km outside the town limits. "With the unexpected loads I might have to carry, the Super Duty Crew Cab was the logical choice." explained Cummins, who works in town at the local NAPA auto Parts counter. Cummins joins the ranks of every other male in Carleton Place who has to own a massive pick-up truck or else face ridicule from other males. In 2004, one unidentified Carleton Place male purchased a Japanese made hatchback and was ostracized from the community, resulting in his exodus to another city.

Cummins called upon the large amount of horsepower and torque in his Super Duty Crew Cab to retrieve 5 bags of groceries, including a case of Pepsi, and on the return home, a 24 case of Molson Canadian beer, pushing the truck to its performance limits. "I seen the other guys struggle with their V6's tryin' to haul groceries, so I knew I had to get the Turbo Diesel V8." reflected Cummins who is thankful for the ample horsepower under the hood of his new truck.
"Sometimes the wife wants me to pick up her elliptical machine from her ex's place, so I am pretty confident I can get the job done with this truck." Cummins beamed.

With sequential multi-point fuel injection, variable valve control and the strong 400hp turbo diesel, Cummins is sure he can tackle even the toughest chores with his truck. "Might have to move a buddy's stove and fridge next week, as well as take some garbage to the dump, so I am grateful I got the torque to get the job done." replied Cummins, who later joined all other male residents in town to discuss what day in November they should ride their snowmobiles around town.

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