Monday, February 11, 2013

New Hands Free Car Finally Allows Hands On Phone Calls

Ottawa - Drivers annoyed they can't make hands on phone calls will be pleased to know a new hands free car will be released that will make their phone calling abilities that much easier. Eliminating the need to utilize their hands for driving the vehicle, drivers are now free to use their hands to make phone calls, check emails or send text messages on their cellular devices. Once a pesky and hindering problem, the new Chevy "Freedom" makes it possible to operate a cell phone while the car drives itself using computer and satellite guidance systems.

The new hands free car allows drivers to now use their cell
phones constantly while driving.
Drivers and mobile phone companies alike are already embracing the new hands free car technology and hail it as a "breakthrough in allowing cell phone users to constantly be on their phones." Using a technology developed at Kanata's SynTechergy, the Freedom car uses a satellite GPS technology that steers and controls the car after a destination has been pre-programmed into the navigation system.

Once programmed, the car guides itself through traffic and frees the driver to make important calls to BFFs, kids, or send racy texts to important recipients without the distraction of having to drive a vehicle. An override option allows drivers to opt for the hands on experience of driving the car once their texts, phone or email messaging has been completed.

Freedom car Product Manager Harold Chestle believes they have developeda car that will put cell phones back in the hands of drivers, eliminating the withdrawl symptoms most cell phone users experience when having to turn off their phones while driving. "No one wants to be without a minute of connection time, and the Freedom makes sure you can be connected at all times." Chestle remarked. Prouction of the new Freedom car begins in March with showroom delivery expected in early April.


  1. It is hard to believe that we have reached the technology of self driving cars. It seems like only yesterday that was a thing of fantasy. Noe people can be on their phone and not have to worry about steering. The idea does scare me a little bit, but technology will continue to advance no matter what. Though I can promise it will be a while before I get a car that can do that.

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