Monday, December 31, 2012

New Bridgehead Opens In Snowbank

A new Bridgehead location opened in an Ottawa snowbank Saturday.
Ottawa - The recent heavy snowfall throughout the Ottawa region has left large snowbanks on many city streets, causing numerous traffic complications. The Bridgehead coffee company has embraced the abundant snow however, and has opened their 437th location in a tall snowbank just off Somerset. St. West near Preston St. The heavy snowfall has left many curb side areas with over 15 foot snowbanks, and Bridgehead is seizing the opportunity to carve out the snowbank and open one of their popular coffee houses inside the snowbank.

Bridgehead Vice President of Operations Dan Burgess says the opportunity has presented itself to open the new location and offer customers their delicious selection of coffees and foods in a compostable building structure. "We thought the large snowbanks that the City Of Ottawa snowplows piled up on regional streets provided a sustainable and ecologically friendly building opportunity for us to open a new location." said Burgess. "We know Ottawa stays damn cold all winter so it won't melt away until April, at which point we will move the location into a recently built condo development." Burgess explained.

The new snowbank Bridgehead opened Saturday to crowds of coffee thirsty customers who enjoyed the innovative use of the perpetual Ottawa city street snowbanks. The location even provides a stroller drive-thru window for those West-end customers with oversized baby strollers on skis.


  1. I love the stroller drive through idea!

  2. Fantastic News! We were just mourning the loss of the Bridgehead they built in a huge pile of raked autumn leaves in Plouffe Park.

  3. no worries here, i removed the snowbank